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Henry Curchod


Born 1992, Palo Alto, USA. Lives and works in London, UK.



2011-2014 BA/BFA College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales


Solo Exhibitions

2024           Oh Fortuna!,  C L E A R I N G, New York, United States of America

2023           Paris Internationale,  Gallery Vacancy, Paris, France

                     Trouble on the event horizon,  Mamoth, London, England

                     Hugging a tree is like kissing a dog,  Shoot The Lobster, New York, United States of America

2022           Rice is god's dandruff, Chauffeur, Sydney, Australia

2021           Set your friends free,  Mamoth, London, England

                    Sharing the sky,  Sumer Gallery, Tauranga, New Zealand

                    Inside Head, Outside Head,  Martin Browne Gallery, Australia

2019           Bitter Winds,  Sumer Gallery, Tauranga, New Zealand

                    Apfelschuss,  Tristian Koenig Gallery, Melbourne , Australia

2018          Bring me the sweat of Gabriela Sabatini,  Campbell Projects, Sydney, Australia

​2016          Tonkotsu Method,  China Heights Gallery, Sydney, Australia

Group Exhibitions

2023         Friends in The Arts, TANK Shanghai, Shanghai, China

                  Art Basel Miami Beach, C L E A R I N G , Miami, United States of America

                  The Ramsay Prize, Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia

                   Sulman Prize, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

                   Felix Art Fair, Gallery Vacancy, Los Angeles, United States of America

                   In Between, Spurs Gallery, Beijing, China

2022          Of Foxes and Ghosts, Mamoth, London, England

                   Vacant II, Gallery Vacancy, Shanghai, China

                   Art SG, Gallery Vacancy, Singapore

                   Distance is Comfort, Chauffeur, Sydney, Australia

                   Cave International 4.0, LAILA, Athens, Greece

                   Steige 13, LAILA, Vienna, Austria

2021          It's raining in sunshine, Lon Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

                    Strange Paradigms, Yngspc, Virtual Exhibition 

                    Winter, Martin Browne Gallery, Sydney, Australia

                    Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship, Brett Whiteley Gallery, Sydney, Australia

2020          Summer, Martine Browne Contemporary, Sydney, Australia, Australia

                    Infra-world, Chauffeur HQ, Sydney, Australia, Australia

2019          A Private Matter, LM Gallery, Latina, Italy

                    Art Verona, Art Verona Fair, LM Gallery, Verona, Italy

                    Rude Assembly, (curated by Max Berry), Burton Projects, Sydney, Australia

                    Lilac City,(curated by Lilac City) Burton Projects, Sydney, Australia

2018          Window is the door, Tristian Koenig Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

​2017          Le River Tech, New Standard Gallery, Sydney, Australia

                    Fortyfive Emerging Artist Awards (curated by Kent Wilson), Fortyfive Downstairs, Melbourne, Australia

                    A painter’s painting, New Standard Gallery, Sydney, Australia

                   Survey, China Heights Gallery, Sydney, Australia

2014          The Sulman Prize, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

                    The Mosman Art Prize, Mosman Art Gallery, Sydney, Australia

                    Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing, Adelaide Perry Gallery, Australia


Awards and Residencies


2023          R&F Residency, Kingston, New York, United States of America

                    The Ramsay Prize, AGSA, Adelaide, Australia, Finalist

                    The Sulman Prize, AGNSW, Sydney, Australia, Finalist

                    Edwin Oostmeijer/ PPP Residency, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2021           Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship, Finalist

2017           Fortyfive Emerging Art Award

2016           Belle Magazine Art Prize, Winner

2015           Ceret Residency, Languedoc-Rousillion, France

                     Belle Magazine Art Prize, Winner

2014           The Mosman Art Prize, Finalist

                     The Sulman Prize, Finalist

                     Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing



X Museum, Beijing, China; Start Museum, Shanghai, China; Sifang Museum, Beijing, China; Dangxia Foundation, Beijing, China; Tiantai Museum of Art, Qingdao, China; M Woods Museum, Beijing, China

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